About Dr. Thompson

I grew up in Tigard and have lived in the Portland area all my life. At PSU I earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in exercise science.

After a decade of coaching basketball and baseball at local high schools, and teaching and working at UPS I felt ready to move on to new challenges. As much as I loved coaching and teaching, I was drawn to the exciting field of dentistry, particularly as it is taught at OHSU’s state-of-the-art dental school.

Since graduating in 1994, I’ve found the practice of dentistry thoroughly rewarding. The science of dentistry–including on-going research, innovations and improved technology–is fascinating. And I take particular pleasure in using science and technology to improve people’s lives.

Patients’ comfort and relaxation is a top priority to me, as it is essential aspect of truly top-quality dental care. My history and broad background has proven to be a great asset in making patients comfortable, as I can relate to and empathize with almost anyone in almost any situation.

Clinic History

In 2004, my wife, Kristina Harp, MD, and I combined her established medical practice with my new dental clinic to provide full-service care for our patients. Many of our clients appreciate the convenience of receiving both medical and dental care at Lake Oswego Medical Dental Clinic. Our dental practice has grown steadily, and two hygienists have recently joined our team.

We are proud of our comfortable facilities which feature top-quality modern equipment and technology combined with an old-fashioned, personal, “small-town family doctor” atmosphere. Our goal is to have a satisfying and long-term relationship with each of our patients.

We are patient-focused, which means that our patients’ comfort is top priority. We also want our patients to be well-informed, so we take the time to carefully explain and demonstrate proposed treatments and procedures. We want our patients to feel good during treatment as well as afterwards.