Cosmetic dentistry includes the many dental procedures available to improve the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and face. Professional tooth whitening, replacing dull metallic fillings with “tooth-colored” material, and applying clean-looking veneers to discolored teeth are all examples of cosmetic dental procedures that can bring out the beauty of your smile.

Tooth bonding is used to repair a chipped or broken tooth by applying a natural-appearing composite material, shaping and smoothing it in place to make the tooth look and feel good as new.

Dental bridges fill gaps left by one or more missing teeth. Unlike removable dentures, bridges are solidly anchored in place with your natural teeth.

Crowns are used to replace all or part of a fractured tooth.

Composite resin filling uses a natural-appearing material to repair modest fractures and other non-extensive tooth damage.

Root canals are procedures done to save the outer parts of seriously decayed teeth. The diseased parts are removed, and the tooth is repaired with a filling and a crown.

Extraction is simply removing a tooth that cannot be repaired.

Periodontal care – The health of your gums is crucial to your teeth and to your over-all health. Periodontal care includes preventing gum disease as well as treating it.

Dentures are full or partial replacements for missing teeth.